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Our founder, Sarah “Sass” Wilson, saw a demand for a nail salon in downtown Raleigh, NC.  She built and decorated the very first and only nail salon in the downtown district of Raleigh North Carolina. Her love for healthy nails as well as sanitation also pushed her to own her own salon.

The History Behind Sass Nails

Throughout my childhood, my sister, Nadia, and I kept a shoebox under our bed with different colored nail polishes inside. We decorated the shoebox with all the different colored nail polishes we had, and as years past, we upgraded to a plastic caboodles box. When I was in high school, I found myself taking a liking in grooming and beautifying my fingernails and toenails. I believe when your hands and feet are groomed and beautiful, it makes you feel better and more confident about your appearance. During my senior year of high school, I moved back to my origin in the town of Holywell, North Wales, United Kingdom. I was always approached by a few neighbors that lived on my street to please give them a pedicure. Not to mention, my Mom says she won't allow anyone to provide her with a pedicure but me. I believe people were asking me for manicures and pedicures because I was meticulous and sanitary when I groomed their fingernails and toenails. After all, your hands and feet take the most wear and tear on the outside of your body, and the first thing people usually view in society.

There was a time when I wouldn't go anywhere without my fingernails being "done." My love for nails inspired me to enroll in Troutman's College of Manicuring and obtain my nail technology degree. The proper nail training and timeless knowledge I experienced from Mrs. Charmaine at Troutman's will always be instilled in my brain. One of her famous quotes was, "Treat your nails like jewels, not tools." Although I have been performing nail services since grade school, I finally became a licensed nail technician! Sanitation has always been my number one priority while maintaining the health of natural nails. Experiencing different nail salons across the country, and after working as a nail technician in salons, I discovered that most nail salons are not as sanitary as I expected. I also learned that most of the products applied to the customer's nails are not healthy for their nails and are deteriorating their nail beds over time. All these issues upset me a great deal, so I started to research and look for products that are as natural and beneficial for our nails as possible. After all, we rely on our hairstylists to maintain the health and beauty of our natural hair, why not have the same demands for our nails?

During my research, I meet, Serena, a licensed cosmetologist, that used to work for MTV studios. She introduced me to the nail product line called, SNS, and explained it’s a high-end nail product that has been on the market since the '90s. I started to use the dipping system and noticed the improvement of my natural nails after one application. I did not have to hide my fingernails behind acrylics, tips, gels, or gel polish. I could embrace my natural nails and only rely on SNS products for color and stability. If I wanted length, I could add a tip and no more layers of product on top of product with no benefit towards my nail beds.

I immediately contacted the SNS company directly and was extremely persistent in knowing and learning everything about what’s inside the formulas and the correct application of SNS products. Product application is essential, and I didn't want to rely on YouTube videos or word of mouth. I witnessed a lot of nail technicians misapplying the SNS product or mixing application procedures with different product lines. I also viewed a lot of imposter SNS brands that claimed they were the proper SNS product. I wanted more education regarding SNS, and because of my constant persistence, I was the first person to be informed about the very first dates of the SNS Academy that was given in February 2018. I had the pleasure of being one of the nail technicians that traveled from all over the country, endorsing the very first SNS Academy training class! The highlight and most memorable experience I had was meeting and picking the brain of the founder of SNS, Joe Nguyen.

As your fingernails grow, depending on your lifestyle and your genetic makeup of your nails, your natural nails can break or tear. The products and careful handling of your natural nails gives you the stability you need to allow your nails to continue to grow to your desired length. Acrylic is the most durable nail product, but consistent application is mandatory to hide the weak nails.  SNS dipping powder is the healthy alternative to the acrylic. Gel has a beautiful gloss, but certain gel formulas can weaken your natural nails. SNS GelStar contains vitamin E and calcium which is a healthier Gel. Our nails have pores, and what you apply on them penetrates through the nail beds. What you apply on your natural nails affects the condition of your nails and can either make them healthy or weak.

At Sass Nails, I decided to offer SNS products. SNS products are odorless, non-allergenic, lightweight, flexible, and healthy. The base liquids for SNS contains vitamins A, E, D3, B5, and calcium. The vitamins in the SNS bases can penetrate through the pores of your nails and improve the condition of your natural nails over time. No formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP are in SNS powders, which also makes it safe for pregnant women. SNS complies with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) and does not perform animal testing of raw materials or finished products.


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